Scented with a fragrance of your choice, These Scented Heart Melts will keep you topped up for a good 20+ hours.A perfect add on if you pair with our Signature Wax Melt Burner.

*Update March 2021*

I wanted to let you all know that there is currently a wax shortage across the UK. All my suppliers have sold out, and the ones that have the wax... are charging double.

To enable me to keep the costs as they are with no price increases, I will be using a new blend of wax in my melts which is coconut and rapeseed wax, to leave the other wax for candle making which have both been tried and tested.

You won't notice a difference at all, but know that both are still biodegradable and vegan friendly. No animal products are used and no animal testing has been carried out in its manufacture. 

The melts smell amazing as always and will give off the same throw as previous.

If you have any questions please pop them in the comments box below.
Thank you.

Pack of 10 Heart Melts